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Miracle lawn is about creating and finding websites online.

December 5th, 2009 by Scott

In the last year I have began to create websites to ensure my 4 hour work week in the near future.  It is a daunting task with much to learn. There simply is no real long term  school to go to which is intensive and spells it all out from ato z.  My comrades in arms across the world are all self made interneteers. They all generously share as I do. A little friendly  promotion for one of these friends who continues  shares so much is a PR5 backlinks site  you may want to have a look at. I use his knowledge and services so he has my respect.

Since starting this I have learned much about SEO and believe the more I know, the more I do not know. It is a dichotomy of beliefs,  I live daily with. I am only scratching the surface but have relatively good success on my race out the door to win. Presently I have 5 e-web sites launching actually 7 if you truly count them all. We are working earnestly and daily  on all fronts of SEO. All of this work to land on the blessed Google first page.  Google is both our Nemesis and our provider of fire.  It can keep you warm at night in comfort with a thriving organic business or burn you down to the ground if you have been blacklisted.

Today I am venturing the keyword red patio umbrella. A small searched for word but I like being first at everything I can do with quick and deft strokes. I am lazy this way and want to apply the 80 / 20 rule. So I have chosen my fights and have decided to push  up the listing for this search term.  I presently rank on t he first page but at the bottom and this will not do. This is just one small step to push the key word to the top.  My anchor analysis has shown a community if competitors I may quickly over come for this term. I have also found that correctly doing research for the group of keywords will allow me to write the site URLs to emulate the key words. How else would I show up on the first page only two weeks after launching the site an stay there. her is the example I am working on a page about red patio umbrellas. You can see from the structure we are planning ahead at the outset of the web development in the way we structure everything concerning tagging, domain url ect. and the list goes on.. …As I said before the more I know about this the more it seems arcane as Google tell us what not do more than it tell us what to do. So there must be some magic to it all that must be rediscovered to make it to the top.

Please send me comments or add to this idea as I am all ears and want to know what you believe is correct. We can argue the point form there. Have a great day

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September 6th, 2009 by Scott

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